Fabric Care
Fine Fragrances
Household Products
Bath Preparations
Cosmetic Products
VFF not only specializes in Flavours but also in Fragrance Compounds. We provide solutions to various applications mentioned bellow. Information of Products will be available on specific query.
Fabric Care :
VFF’s knowledge bank is enriched with vast experience to provide suitable products for fabric care industry. Fragrances created for this application deliver very subtle freshly cleaned after wash aroma and has good lasting effect on the fabric.
  Liquid soap
  Fabric softener
  Detergent cakes
Fine Fragrances :

VFF with vast knowledge of essential oils, Resenoids & aroma chemicals is capable of developing fragrances which are unique & inspiring. VFF is well equipped to create consumer preferred fragrance providing niche fragrances for specific market need.

  Body sprays
Household Products :

At VFF we understand the need of focused fragrances for cleaning tasks. These fragrances make the mundane job more comfortable. The fragrance developed for this application builds a sense of hygiene, cleanliness and aura. These blends deliver good after wash staying capabilities. VFF’s vast technical expertise makes it possible to develop consumer preferred fragrance solutions for difficult product bases.

The fruity citrus base and innovative scents developed by VFF makes the dish washing task effortless and non-tiring. Blends created for these tasks take control of the malodors in the kitchen and are long lasting and soothing. Household cleaning fragrances are designed keeping in mind the economics of the product and yet they cover the bad odor leaving very pleasing long-lasting aroma. Due to our knowledge of consumer likings in the market, we are able to deliver specific fragrance in much shorter time.

  Dish washer
  Floor cleaner
  Room fresheners
  Toilet cleaning product
Bath Preparations :
VFF’s bath preparation fragrances deliver long lasting effect and yet remain very soothing all day. We combine our knowledge of latest trends in the market to create suitable fragrance for final application. Our shower gel fragrance makes use of aroma therapy techniques to maximize the experience of well being.
  Toilet soaps
  Shower gel
  Shampoos & Conditioners
Cosmetic Products :

From formulation to fragrance, we deliver niche fragrances which are outstanding & help build the image of your product. We continuously hunt for new ingredients which add aura to your products and give unique brand identity. Today’s consumers expect the products to be gentle and reflect their lifestyle. They want the fragrance to carry caring appeal, which is delivered by our products.

  Creams, Lotions, Moisturizers
  Talcum Powder/Face Pack
  Make-up Preparations
  Nail Polish/Lipstick/Lip gloss